Mission And Aims


  • To prepare social workers who can help in building a nation of our own choice and dream. For this the institution will impart education based on Gandhian Philosophy. Such attitude, knowledge and skill will be developed in the students of social work which can help in eliminating the evils of our society.
  • To impart value based professional education so that the students can practice social work education, administration, research and training.
  • To develop critical thinking among the students regarding the social problems so that they can plan organized efforts to solve it. For this student centered two ways class room based teaching system along with self reading, directed field work education and syllabus based research work will be used as an approach.


  • To develop the values of human dignity & worth, social justice & human rights, human cooperation and self decision, peace and participative social relationships within the students.
  • To work for the upliftment of women, landless, tribal, labourers, children, aged, mentally and physically challenged underprivileged, small farmers, sexually diseased person without any sex, caste, health or economic discrimination.
  • To work for the democratization of social, economic and political systems and rehabilitation of persons effected from manmade and natural calamities. Also to fight for the equal distribution of resources without any discrimination.


The LSSW has three major objectives which are as follows :

Knowledge based objectives

The objective of social work education is to evaluate rationally the multi dimensional knowledge of the world so that the present realities can be understood in the historical context and local realities can be understood in the national and international context. Broadly the knowledge based objectives can be classified as follows :

  1. The role of other approaches in the development of other view points.
  2. To understand the evolution of human being in context with the family and the community.
  3. To understand the national and international social, economical and political policies which effect the man standing on the edge.
  4. To know the history, philosophy, values, code of ethics, methods and fields of Social Work.

Attitude based objectives

  1. To develop professional ethics like sincerity, honesty, integrity, accountability, optimism, creativity and critical thinking within the students.
  2. To teach the students to remain Faithfull with self, backward classes, society & state, colleagues & employer, education, training & research and with his own profession.

Skill based Objectives

The following skills are to be developed within the students :

  1. Self confidence, self dignity, self accountability, emotional health, good social interaction & relation.
  2. To solve problems based on small, micro and macro level programmes and to develop skill for social action approach.
  3. Skills of cooperative training & field direction, Legal guidance for supportive and public litigations, redressal of disputes, capability to deal during emergency and management of relief & rehabilitation camps.
  4. Skill of conducting participative and educational research.
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